SAEL Guide

SAEL guide

Proficiency in several foreign languages and the acquisition of ICT skills is a strategic priority in Europe today. These new demands have transformed the way languages are taught across the European Union. It is set against this backdrop of profound change that the SAEL project came into being.

This guide, one of the final outcomes of the project, contains practical suggestions for creating and updating websites designed to support the work of language teachers.

– What is a language teacher support website?
– How are these websites designed, run and improved?
– Who is involved in this process and what are the main stages?
– Why does a support website represent real added value for the teaching community?

This guide sets out to provide practical answers to all these questions. It includes recommendations, examples of websites and good practices for setting up, improving and running support websites which match the requirements in your country, region or institution.

Download the SAEL guide (pdf file 77 pages, 500 ko).

Chapter 1 : Why to create a support website for language teachers? (online version)


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