Good practice #5 : Online resources for three types of target audience





Ministère de l'Education national espagnol et la région de Murcie Recurso educativo elaborado a través del Convenio Internet en el Aula, entre el MEC y las comunidades autónomas.



Source language


Target language



Description of the good practice

Support the creation of activities designed for three types of target audience: 

- pupils (activities in flash format)

- teachers (with a description of the session)

- the general public (explanation of the activities).

Ideas for transferring to other websites

Design the activities according to potential users as well as parents to facilitate the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies for Education) and their involvement outside of schooling hours
Describe the resources in compliance with the “creative commons” norms to provide information about use and copyright
Create animations to promote the learning of languages

See the good practice in context

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