Good practice # 32 :Formespa, mailing list and virtual community





Virtual community with the support of the Rediris network.



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Description of the good practice

Formespa is a virtual community of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. The websites revolves around several axes:

1 A very active distribution list.

The archives of the month are available on line. Every Internet user can join the distribution list in order to receive the messages sent by the community. FORMESPA is a forum dedicated to the didactics of teaching Spanish as a foreign language on which teachers and didactics designers can debate on teaching practices, exchange experiences and information on recent events (congress, seminars) and recent publications (scientific, didactic publications etc)

2 A space dedicated to the sharing of documents and resources indexed against the level framework.

The resources are shared and published.

Ideas for transferring to other websites

Create a distribution list on the support website for web users that meet similar needs
Encourage the sharing and the indexation of resources in a simple and organised manner.

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