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Description of the good practice

The Emilangues website offers teaching resources for language and CLIL teachers in European or Oriental language sections which include over 300,000 pupils in France. The teaching resources are written by teachers and validated by attendance officers.

 A development of the teaching unit, a step by step description of the session is available in Additional documents (exercises, instructions). A summary describes both in target and source language the objectives of the Unit in order to encourage teachers in other languages to use the resource. It also allows non-French speakers to understand and access the resources by associating them to a visual element (see Good practice MELT).

The unit offers:

- An example of a project-oriented teaching method - Language and CLIL lesson plans, here in English and physics & chemistry.

- Methods to use and develop the ICT skills of the pupils (creation of a video).

Ideas for transferring to other websites

Encourage the development of CLIL resources and a cross-disciplinary approach
Encourage oral understanding by creating contents

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Chapter 4 of the SAEL guide


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